Business Travel Pass

Business Travel Pass
  • Reclaim your VAT for your parking expenses
  • Reduce time spent on administration
  • No need to visit the pay station - simply enter and exit the facility!
  • Pay as you go
  • UK network of parking facilities
  • Discount on parking
The Q-Park Business Travel Pass offers incredible flexibility and value for companies with a transient work force. Using them couldn’t be easier, simply scan in and out of almost any Q-Park and the total cost of your stay will be added to an invoice and sent to you at the end of the month.

If you have a transient workforce who travel to different city centres on a regular basis then the Business Travel Pass is for you!

We give you an access device for each of your team so they can enter and exit any Q-Park in the UK without having to pay at the car park.

On a monthly basis we will invoice you for the parking periods on your account along with a breakdown of each pass and this allow you to claim back your VAT on parking, improve your expense administration and allow your employees to park not needing to worry about carrying cash and filling in expense forms.

If you would like to know more about the Business Travel Pass, click to fill in the webform below and we'll contact you to discuss the options.

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At present you can use the Business Travel Pass in over 50 Q-Park City Centre locations with the exception of Cardiff Bay, Chantry Place, Covent Garden, Durham Road & Wellington Street.

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