The following car parks are all fitted with Q-Park's innovative PaSS technology. PaSS allows our customers who pre-book, have a Season Ticket or are registered with the new Q-Park app to park using their number plate as an entry and exit device.


PaSS Enabled Car Parks:

Q-Park The Light (Leeds)

Q-Park Piccadilly Place (Manchester)

Q-Park First Street (Manchester)

Q-Park Deansgate North (Manchester)

Q-Park Liverpool ONE (Liverpool)

Q-Park Queen Square (Liverpool)

Q-Park Hanover Street (Liverpool)

Q-Park John Lewis (Liverpool)

Q-Park Park Lane (London)

Q-Park Marble Arch (London)

Q-Park Chinatown (London)

Q-Park Trafalgar (London)

Q-Park Mailbox (Birmingham)

Q-Park Brindleyplace (Birmingham)

Q-Park Shambles (York)

Q-Park OMNI (Edinburgh)

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