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City Centre Car Park Advertising

City Centre Car Park Advertising

How do you promote your message to over 15 million potential customers when they arrive into a city centre? Q-Park have the answer!

By choosing Q-Park to help market your products and services it means that you are assured of meeting the right target audience at the right time.

Parking is the first step in a customer's journey in to the city and with over 15 million customers visiting our car parks each year, Q-Park can help deliver footfall to your business.

We can offer a range of advertising services including; 


We have a number of large poster spaces across our estate that are positioned in some of the most visible areas of the car parks. This will guarantee maximum exposure as drivers are arriving in the city centres looking for somewhere to spend!

This advertising solution will suit most businesses due to its cost-effective nature. Our previous advertisers include market leading brands such as BMW, SIXT and Nandos.

Big brand promotions don’t mean big brand prices! The cost of advertising starts from as little as £200+VAT so it really is a low-cost method to get your business in front of the masses.

Flyer Distribution

At our car parks our hosts undertake what we call ‘Q-Time’ with Q standing for Quality. Q-Time is an activity whereby our parking hosts welcome our customers into the car park and offer help for the onward journey.

We also give out any informational printed material to our customers including promoting our partners. If you want Q-Park to give your business a personal introduction we can distribute your marketing material to our customers for as little as £50+VAT.

Illuminated Advertising

Some of the most eye-catching advertising spaces in our car parks are those that are illuminated. Whilst we pride ourselves and having the best car park lighting in the industry this still does not take away from the impact of illuminated advertising.

With a large portfolio of existing space and the flexible ability to install new locations if required we offer the solution to get your brand in front of millions of people at a fraction of the cost of advertising on the High Street.

External Fascia Banners

We operate a multitude of multi-storey car parks across the country’s largest cities. Majority of these parking facilities are in the busiest areas of the city centre including major roads into the city and other transport hubs.

The opportunity to install banners or billboards on the external fascias of our car parks provides the opportunity for your brand to be seen by the high street footfall but at an affordable price. This is subject to availability by each car park.

Q-Park Rewards

Q-Park Rewards is our innovative app where customers link their payment cards in order to receive cashback on their parking spend. Not only do they receive cashback on parking, but we also partner with many of the country’s largest retailers. In effect the customer begins to pay for their parking by spending with our retail and restaurant partners.

The only cost to your business is the percentage of cashback that you would like to give to the consumer and a small transaction fee to cover the card tracking fees. There is no set up fee to join the scheme and you’ll only pay for the transactions that have been driven by our customers.

If you would like a quote or any further information please submit an enquiry using the form. 

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