Stuart and Q-Park partner to open two Last Mile Delivery Hubs

Q-Park are delighted to be able to partner with Stuart to open Last Mile Delivery Hubs in their parking facilities in Manchester and Leeds.

Q-Park are delighted to be able to partner with Stuart to open Last Mile Delivery Hubs in their parking facilities in Manchester and Leeds.

Stuart is Europe’s leading on-demand logistics platform which connects businesses to a fleet of geolocalised independent couriers. Their platform allows businesses in any kind of industry to deliver to their customers with speed & efficiency. Stuart was founded in 2015 with the sole aim of disrupting the urban last mile delivery market. They have grown in just 8 years to currently having a presence in 126 cities in 6 countries across Europe, in fact their growth was so phenomenal that only 2 years after being founded they were acquired by GeoPost group. They now serve multiple enterprise business clients across Europe.

The delivery hubs have been opened in Q-Park Piccadilly Place in Manchester and Q-Park Sovereign Square in Leeds, both facilities are well-established in the heart of those cities. Q-Park have operated the Sovereign Square parking facility since 2004 having extensively modernised the car park and have even undertaken the complex project of constructing 2 more floors on the top of it. With a prime, accessible location near the train station, local offices and the main shopping centres this is a real multi-purpose facility. Q-Park Piccadilly Place is a more recent acquisition having been acquired in 2017. Again Q-Park have modernised the facility which occupies an enviable city location, near to retail, office locations and important transport interchanges.

However, Q-Park don’t only operate facilities for parking. They are also at the forefront of the European Parking industry in the creation of Mobility Hubs. The aim is to evolve parking facilities to become vital instruments to help realise urban accessibility, sustainability and liveability. In addition to car parking, Q-Park aims to provide access for shared mobility schemes, rapid electric fleet charging, last mile delivery and retail spaces all housed within their safe and secure multi-purpose parking facilities.

As part of this agreement, Stuart have created Delivery Hubs in both parking facilities (Manchester & Leeds). Their delivery vehicles enter and exit the car park using the state-of-the-art PaSS Automatic Number Plate Recognition System. Parcels are aggregated in the City Hubs for delivery via a 100% electric vehicle fleet directly to their clients consumers.

John Denton, Head of Commercial at Q-Park commented ‘We are delighted to welcome Stuart into two of our major cities in the UK. The Last Mile Delivery sector continues to grow where the aim is to reduce emissions and our parking facilities provide a sound basis for them to operate in a more sustainable way.’

Marcus Hurd, Retail Logistics Director, said: “This is a very exciting time for Stuart. Our retail propositions focus on minimising touches from retailers' distribution centres or store networks to delivering parcels to the end consumers via 100% electric vehicles. All with a one-hour consumer promise and built-in live tracking and visibility. We are delighted to be able to work with Q-Park to efficiently operate in these two new cities.”

To find out more about Q-Park Mobility Hubs click here.

About Q-Park

 Q-Park is one of the three leading providers of parking facilities in West Europe, whether wholly owned, leased, managed or in a hybrid business model.  Q-Park is notable for its quality approach and has a portfolio comprising over 677,000 parking spaces in over 3,400 parking facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Ireland, and Denmark. Q-Park has numerous mobility hubs which provide access to a variety of mobility solutions. We house and support a range of activities from last mile logistics, fleet charging hubs, micromobility and car sharing services which help support urban accessibility, sustainability and liveability.

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