Sustainable Mobility Hub

Q-Park aims to develop our parking facilities into vital instruments to help realise urban accessibility, sustainability and liveability.
Q-Park Mobility Hub Q-Park isn't just just a parking operator, we are your sustainable mobility partner.

In addition to car parking, for residents, commuters and visitors, Q-Park mobility hubs provide access to shared mobility, public transport and bicycle parking.

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Q-Park mobility hubs provide rapid electric charging for both business fleets and daily parkers, helping support the UK's net-zero emissions targets. There is potential for Q-Park mobility hubs to generate their own power, storing electricity to be used for electric vehicle and e-bike charging.

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Goods can be delivered by larger, long-distance vehicles. Q-Park mobility hubs provide a city centre location where last-mile logistics can be completed by smaller electric vehicles. Parcel collection and locker wall services also reduce the number of total deliveries.

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Q-Park mobility hubs are activity zones. They offer space for retail and services, for meeting and working and also form an ideal location for events and leisure amenities.

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Park Lane Mobility Hub
Q-Park's Park Lane Mobility Hub contains environmentally conscious initiatives including BP electric charging hubs, UFO Drive electric vehicle rental and DPD's last-mile logistics hub.

Proven Experience

Q-Park has been instrumental in realising sustainable urban mobility hubs in various cities throughout Europe. We collaborate with urban mobility experts and contribute our knowledge and expertise. Together with municipal planning experts, we have built and transformed parking facilities into sustainable multifunctional mobility hubs.

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Sustainable Mobility Partnership Programme

As your mobility partner, Q-Park can help get your plans moving in the right direction.
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