Fleet Management Portal

Manage your entire fleet with this easy-to-use platform and provide instant access for your employees.

The new digital platform allows you to easily distribute parking rights

Q-Park have come up with a digital tool that can help you efficiently arrange parking for your employees.

The main functions of the Fleet Management Portal include being able to view, distribute and revoke all your businesses parking rights. By having everything in one place, it is easy to make fast changes in the portal. For example, transferring parking rights from one employee to another can be done quickly with no need to contact Q-Park.

The Q-Park Fleet Management Portal is only available for businesses whose employees park at PaSS enabled car parks.


How does it work?

  • The businesses designated parking manager can access the Fleet Management Portal using their My Q-Park login details.
  • Once logged into the portal, you can designate parking rights to employees (Name and Email Address).
  • The employee will then be sent an email with instructions on how to set-up and use their parking right.


You can read detailed instructions on how to set-up and use your Fleet Management Portal here.

Fleet Management Portal See how the Fleet Management Portal can optimise the parking experience for your employees.
Contactless parking Instant access to the car park with ANPR.
Overview of all your parking rights View, distribute and revoke parking rights.
In-app number plate management Employees enter their vehicle registration in the new Q-Park App.

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