What is the Employee Parking platform?

The Employee Parking Platform is an exclusive discounted platform designed for companies with employees that pay for their own parking. Q-Park create a unique URL that gives your employees access to the discount. 

A simple booking form allows employees to buy an annual, quarterly or monthly Season Ticket

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Benefits to the company:

  • The platform is free to the company
  • Enhance staff retention and recruitment
  • Available to all new employees joining the company
  • No onus on the company, parking is between the employee & Q-Park
  • Also available to companies that pay parking for employees
  • Set up simple and can be live within 7 days
  • Branded platform to maintain professional approach


Benefits to employees:

  • Discounted parking in city centre locations
  • Multiple entries per 24 Hours
  • Flexible payment options – monthly, quarterly or annually
  • No need for cash at car park – online payment
  • No queuing at paystations to pay


How does it work?

Q-Park will set-up a URL unique to your company. The employee will click on the URL to a landing page where they can purchase their discounted parking online. The contactless parking card will then be sent to the employee.

A renewal email will be sent prior to the parking expiry date to make it easier to keep track of. The employee simply repeats the process to ensure a seamless parking experience.

The landing page from the URL is completely customisable so any content or images can be added to the page. 

Please see an example of the landing page here:


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You can download the PDF with this information here: Employee Parking Platform

If you have any further questions, please email sales@q-park.co.uk 

Online Payment Methods
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