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What's great today can be better tomorrow. Experience seamless parking with the Q-Park App. Pay as you go with Q-Park Go. 

Park digitally at Q-Park with the new app

You know them. Those days when everything runs smoothly. No queue at the till. The traffic lights on green. Now parking can be the same with the Q-Park app.

With the new app, parking is even smoother. You can park easily and close to your destination with no need to endlessly search for on-street parking. Simply drive in and out of the Q-Park car park. That's it, you don't have do anything else. The barriers will automatically open at entry and exit and you will be charged for your session as you leave the car park.

Download the Q-Park App now and experience seamless parking. Pay as you go with Q-Park Go



How does it work?

You will be able to park at all PaSS enabled Q-Park facilities using your number plate. You can find a full list of all PaSS enabled UK car parks here.

  • Download the Q-Park app from your app store using the links above
  • Register for an account on the app
  • Add your number plate and a debit/credit card in the app
  • When you drive up to the entry barrier, our state of the art cameras will scan your number plate and raise the barrier
  • When you decide to leave the car park, your number plate will again be scanned and the barrier will automatically open
  • A digital receipt will then be sent to your app inbox

Ticketless Parking No need to take a ticket at entry. Instant access to the car park with ANPR.
No need to visit a paystation Walk straight to your vehicle and drive to the exit
In-app digital receipts Parking receipts are automatically sent to your app inbox. These can be forwarded to your personal email.
Q-Park Go - Pay as you Go

The new Q-Park App will enable you to enter and exit the car park using your number plate. Pay as you go with Q-Park Go

What if I have a Season Ticket?

If you have a physical Season Ticket card at a PaSS enabled car park you should change your access device to the new Q-Park app. Follow these steps to make the change:

  • Download the new Q-Park App from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Login to the app using the same details as your My Q-Park Account.
  • Your Season Ticket will already be visible in the app. Select your Season Ticket and then add your vehicle registration
  • You will now be able to enter and exit the car park using your number plate
  • If your car park has a locked pedestrian door, you can use the QR code on the app to enter and exit


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If you would like to learn more about the new Q-Park App, contact us here.


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