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Q-Park is continuously looking to buy, lease or manage new and existing parking facilities. We don't mind if it is on a short, medium or on a long term basis.

As a leading car parking operator in the UK, Q-Park has extensive knowledge and experience with the parking industry. The company is growing year on year with investments in technology, services, locations to management, and cluster operations with a passion to continue the current expansion strategy, which is fully supported by Q-Park Shareholders.

Q-Park can deliver a combination of strong covenant strength, investment into an asset, operational excellence and a customer focused approach.

We tend to approach projects by building relationships with the landlord and their team along with developing partnerships with local businesses. We firmly believe in working together with stakeholders; aligning goals and providing quality services to the local community.



We pay competitive introductory fees, and offer quick and professional decisions, supported by practical and constructive advice.


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Q-Park – creating a positive first and last impression

 ''We firmly believe that as car parks are often the first and last points of call at a destination, they constitute as the “front door” to towns and cities, thereby creating the first and last impressions. We pay an enormous amount of attention to developing and projecting our unique corporate brand identity' is recognised by our customers across the UK." - Adam Bidder Q-Park Managing Director  


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