Q-Park officially take over the Windsor Yards parking facility

Q-Park are delighted to confirm that this morning they officially took over operation of the Windsor Yards parking facility.


Q-Park are delighted to confirm that this morning they officially took over operation of the Windsor Yards parking facility.

Windsor Yards is a large mixed-use shopping and leisure destination located right in the heart of the town centre located adjacent to the Castle. Windsor Yards has had a long-standing presence in Windsor, it was originally opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1980 and was known as King Edward Court Shopping Centre until a high profile rebrand in 2017. Some of the UK’s largest retail brands are located within the Centre and there is even a Travelodge hotel for those wanting to stay over. The adjoining multi-storey parking facility, that Q-Park now operate, comprises of 744 spaces across multiple floors with direct access into some stores such as Waitrose.

Now that Q-Park have commenced operation at this facility it will undergo a full refurbishment to bring it into line with Q-Park standards. Q-Park plans to provide their whole suite of services into this parking facility in the next few months. This will include secure vehicle and pedestrian entrances to reduce the risk of unwanted visitors entering the car park.  There will also be the futuristic PaSS Automatic Number Plate Recognition system installed to provide seamless access for both long-term and short-term parkers. Q-Park are well-known for providing convenient services in their parking facilities for customers to avail of including jump leads and an AEDs to assist in emergencies. Q-Park will also in the next few weeks introduce 13 Electric Vehicle Charging Points so customers can top up whilst visiting Windsor.

Adam Bidder, Managing Director of Q-Park commented ‘We are delighted to commence operation at our first parking facility in Windsor. We hope that existing customers will be delighted with the improvements we are going to make over the next few months as we introduce them to Quality in parking.’

To find out more about Q-Park Windsor Yards click here.

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Q-Park is one of the three leading providers of parking facilities in West Europe, whether wholly owned, leased, managed or in a hybrid business model.  Q-Park is notable for its quality approach and has a portfolio comprising over 677,000 parking spaces in over 3,400 parking facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Ireland, and Denmark. Q-Park has numerous mobility hubs which provide access to a variety of mobility solutions. We house and support a range of activities from last mile logistics, fleet charging hubs, micromobility and car sharing services which help support urban accessibility, sustainability and liveability.

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