Q-Park welcome UFODRIVE to two London locations

Welcoming UFODRIVE to London at both Park Lane and Oxford Street is the next step for Q-Park in expanding the range of services available at their multi-functional London locations.

Q-Park welcome UFODRIVE and their revolutionary, app-based car hire service to London. Their first London locations are now open at Q-Park Park Lane and Q-Park Oxford Street.

  • Q-Park welcome all electric vehicle car rental company UFODRIVE to two locations in London
  • UFODRIVE are a European app-based, zero emission car rental service
  • Expansion of Q-Park multi-functional mobility hubs

Welcoming UFODRIVE to London at both Park Lane and Oxford Street is the next step for Q-Park in expanding the range of services available at their multi-functional London locations.

The European car rental company was founded in May 2018 and has enjoyed rapid growth ever since. UFODRIVE separates itself from competitors using its advanced mobile app to ensure a seamless, technology led rental experience. Having previously worked together on UFODRIVE’s Dublin location, Q-Park were pleased to facilitate the opening of their first London service.

UFODRIVE boast a unique customer offering whereby customers book, pay, receive information, obtain the vehicle and have access to 24/7 support all via the app. The vehicles are state of the art electric cars including Tesla, Audi, Jaguar and other brands. One of the features of the app serves to reduce range anxiety by providing real time information regarding the battery, and surrounding charging network. UFODRIVE believe their customer journey eliminates many of the common frustrations with traditional car rental companies and that the unique innovative service enhances the overall experience.

John Denton, Head of Sales and Marketing commented “Following a successful collaboration in other Q-Park locations we are delighted to help support the roll out of UFODRIVE into central London. Q-Park parking facilities are not just the safest places to park, but they are also multi-functional mobility hubs which are perfect destinations for all-electric car rental services.”

This solution suits all types of drivers, including tourists, business travellers, car enthusiasts wishing to take the latest EV’s for an extended spin or even for London locals who don’t have a need for a vehicle full time.

London is the next step in our planned Global expansion after having successfully validated and developed the business across multiple European locations” according to UFODRIVE co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Renaud Marquet.


As UFODRIVE only offer Electric Vehicles with zero emissions, this is a cleaner, more environmentally friendly solution to traditional car rentals. While exploring London and beyond, drivers can make use of Q-Parks charging network. We have charging points in all major cities across the UK, supported by either Polar (Chargemaster and Ultra Chargers), Tesla and Franklin Energy. Find out more here


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