New City Centre Parking Tariffs

We have reduced our prices during certain times of the day to try to help boost footfall in major cities. 

We have reduced our prices during certain times of the day to try to help boost footfall in major cities.

Across the UK, footfall on high streets is down by 4.8%+ compared to last year, and shopping centre footfall is down by 3.6%+. That figure represents a six year low in footfall which is a pretty scary drop for retailers. Whether the cause is economic uncertainty or a further behavioural shift towards online shopping, we decided we didn’t want the price of parking to be one more thing putting people off coming into city centres.

In July we introduced new tariffs that mean you can park safely and securely with Q-Park in some of the UK’s biggest cities from just £1.20 an hour. The new tariffs are in a trial phase, with the 4 car parks below being the first to benefit from the new pricing. 

Adam Bidder, Managing director of Q-Park UK & Ireland said “We think the new price tariffs will help drive footfall back into city centres following a dramatic drop in recent figures. Shoppers, locals and visitors can all benefit from safe and secure parking at an even more affordable cost”


Q-Park Rewards

Our additional endeavour to help drive footfall in city centres is Q-Park Rewards. It’s our cashback based rewards scheme via a mobile application that offers users a percentage of money spent with selected partners back via the app to either cash out, spend on parking or donate to charity. To benefit from the rewards simply download the app, register your card (multiple cards can be registered) and start spending! We track the payment with our partners and issue cashback accordingly. Our partners include big name retail, restaurant and travel brands. 

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