Q-Park win Best EV Chargepoint Provider Award

Q-Park are delighted to announce that they have won the Best EV Chargepoint Provider Award at the EVolution Awards 2023.

Q-Park are delighted to announce that they have won the Best EV Chargepoint Provider Award at the EVolution Awards 2023.

The EVolution Awards started in 2022 and is a subsection of the British Parking Awards. The parking sector is playing a key role in enabling the transition to zero-emission vehicles by planning, providing and managing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in car parks and at the kerbside. The EVolution Awards recognise EV Charging initiatives across the country from operators large and small.  The British Parking Awards were launched by Parking Review magazine in 2002 and were immediately recognised as the ultimate recognition of excellence and achievement in parking management, design and innovation. Q-Park have a decorated history at these awards, scooping prizes on multiple occasions as well as many other nominations.

The Best EV Chargepoint Provider Award recognised the work being done by organisations enabling motorists of electric vehicles to recharge on their journeys. The category was open to EV charging network operators, parking operators and specific destination managers providing EV charging facilities. Q-Park felt they had a strong chance of winning this award as they are currently investing over £3m in the UK and Ireland on the rollout of initially over 600 electric vehicle charging points across their portfolio of parking facilities. Installations commenced last year and included the modernisation of the existing charging infrastructure with the latest state-of-the-art hardware. On completion of this significant deployment programme, discussions will start on future phases with Q-Park eager to remain at the forefront of electric charging in the parking market.

After collecting the award, John Denton, Head of Commercial at Q-Park UK and Ireland said ‘Liveability in urban areas is vitally important, and we are delighted to help support more emission free miles being driven with good quality charging infrastructure. As an EV owner myself I knew what other EV motorists were looking for from city centre charging. I am therefore delighted that the hard work we have done on this Project has been recognised with this prestigious award.’

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About Q-Park

Q-Park is one of the three leading providers of parking facilities in West Europe, whether wholly owned, leased, managed or in a hybrid business model.  Q-Park is notable for its quality approach and has a portfolio comprising over 677,000 parking spaces in over 3,400 parking facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Ireland, and Denmark. Q-Park has numerous mobility hubs which provide access to a variety of mobility solutions. We house and support a range of activities from last mile logistics, fleet charging hubs, micromobility and car sharing services which help support urban accessibility, sustainability and liveability.

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