Bury - Security Features

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  • This car park is patrolled regularly by our dedicated parking hosts who will be able to assist with any queries that you may have. Should you need assistance please press any of the help buttons in the car park.


    This car park has the very latest technology in closed-circuit television cameras. These are spread out across the car park to ensure as much of the facility as possible is covered to provide peace of mind for you and your vehicle.


    This car park has a secure pedestrian entrance. This means that non-Q-Park customers cannot just walk in off the street and the only access to the parking facility is for Q-Park customers and staff members. You will need to take your season ticket with you when you leave the car park as this is to be used at the machine to open the door for you.


    This car park has the very latest LED lighting technology installed. This will provide to you the peace of mind that there are no dark corners in the car park where anyone will be hiding. We also have lights that operate on motion sensors to ensure as you walk to your vehicle the lighting comes on at full brightness.

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