Free Upgrade

Free Smart Upgrade

With a Smart Season Ticket you can park anywhere with just one card and receive a 15% discount on the standard parking tariff.

Upgrade Now

Help remove the stress of a day out or external meeting by unlocking the full potential of your season ticket with the free Smart Upgrade. The Smart upgrade provides access to all of our parking facilities across the UK and allows you to enjoy a 15% discount when travelling away from your home car park.


How it works

  • Once you have upgraded to a Smart Season Ticket, you can use your access device to enter and exit all Q-Park car parks in the UK
  • Simply tap your card at the barrier to enter and exit the car park. If your home car park is number plate recognition, you will be sent an access card
  • There's no need to pre-book or use the pay machine
  • Simply use your Season Ticket to enter and exit the car park and we will collect the charges (with a 15% discount) at the end of the month.

Request a free Smart upgrade

In order to be eligible for the free Smart upgrade you must have direct debit set-up with Q-Park.

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