London Palladium Theatre

Q-Park worked with The London Palladium to provide seamless parking solutions for their visitors.

The challenge

With a large proportion of theatres being situated in compact city centres, facilities such as car parks are not always readily available at the venue. So, along with booking the venue tickets the theatre-goers must also consider the appropriate travel arrangements.

If customers choose to drive to the city centre, considerable time can be spent finding the best, closest, or most fairly priced car park and finding one with space on busy show dates can be difficult. Not only an inconvenience for the traveller but also to the environment with more people searching for spaces resulting in more harmful carbon dioxide emissions which city centres are already trying desperately to reduce.

Aside from the environmental issue and customer inconvenience, finding parking on a busy evening in a city centre can become timely, meaning that there is risk of missing part of the show or that pre-theatre meal. The stress involved in organisation can sometimes taint the experience of the theatre visit which would be likely to discourage a repeat visit. 


Q-Park’s solution

Q-Park and LW Theatres have formed a unique partnership for The London Palladium, which is the first collaboration of its kind between a theatre and parking operator.  

Customers can now book parking at Q-Park alongside the theatre ticket all in the single transaction and the parking is heavily discounted making the experience already more convenient for the theatre-goer. The booking window for parking is embedded within the same online booking process as the theatre tickets, creating a seamless online journey.

The customer is given a number of flexible parking periods to choose from so if they are looking to stay in town for a couple of hours before or after then they have the parking option tailored to them. We also know that not everything goes to plan when you have your big night out, so if the show runs over time or they decide to have that unplanned late night supper then they can settle the difference at the pay station within the parking facility.

This offer is exclusive to The London Palladium so only customers booking theatre tickets are able to access the discount. 



Not only do theatre-goers now have a simple booking process and fairly priced solution, but The London Palladium is able to advertise an extra benefit to visiting this theatre in particular. Customer satisfaction plays a huge part in repeat visits, so this extra perk to visiting The London Palladium is a stand out benefit uniquely available via this innovative partnership.

Visitors knowing where they will be parking on the day of the show means there will also be decreased search traffic, reducing the carbon footprint caused by a trip to the city centre and to the establishments involved.

Dedicated discounted parking makes the theatre more accessible to some customers who do not have easy access to public transport, or for those with disabilities that make getting around the city centre difficult. Q-Park is dedicated to helping those with access issues, and the car parks are well equipped for those in need of extra help. This partnership directly impacts the customer and allows for a more pleasant experience overall resulting in a thriving entertainment economy.  


Can other theatres benefit from a similar partnership? 

An all-in-one booking solution between Q-Park and theatres in city centres could benefit visitors across the UK and Ireland. Q-Park is flexible when it comes to offering an exclusive partnership and can find a solution that works for individual theatres or theatre groups.

If you are interested in hearing more about this and discussing a potential partnership, please contact John Denton, Head of Sales and Marketing at Q-Park, at

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