Q-Park offer secure Bicycle Storage for Businesses whose employees Cycle to work

Employees are changing the way they commute to work and cycling is on the rise. This can be a challenge for city centre businesses who do not have the space to accommodate bikes in a secure or dry environment. To solve this increasing challenge, Q-Park have launched a new solution to help local business offer safe and secure bike parking services to their employees.

Businesses can now take space in a Q-Park parking facility to use as their very own bike storage area in all major cities in the UK. Q-Park will create a secure branded reserved area which is in our safe and secure facilities. The company will be issued with door access cards so the employees can enter and exit the car park via our secure pedestrian doors. This new service is ideal for companies taking part in a cycle to work scheme.



This service is available at the majority of our car parks and provides a cost effective service which gives peace of mind to employees who cycle to work.

To find out more and receive a quote please email sales@q-park.co.uk

More Information

Things to consider;-

Available in all major cities but subject to availability

Minimum 4 weeks notice is required for set up

Service is designed for businesses not individual cycle storage

Door access cards cost £15 per card when required

Agreements to be based on annual contracts 


Online Payment Methods
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