Season Ticket

Pool Accounts

Pool Accounts
  • Pay the most favourable rate with a saving of up to 50% on the daily tariff
  • Use the ticket as often as you like (within your set period)
  • No need to visit the pay station - simply enter and exit the facility!
  • Staff Parking

In response to the Covid-19 crisis we have introduced our new Pool Account product allowing for increased flexibility during these strange times.

Business Accounts with more than 10 season tickets can arrange for a pool account which allows for multiple cards for each active season ticket. This, for example, allows you to give 20 staff members season tickets but our parking system will only allow for 10 season tickets to be active at anyone time. Any excess parkers will be charged to your account at the standard tariff rate.


How does a Season Ticket work?


You will be issued with a card that will be pre-programmed to allow you access to the car park. Simply wave your season ticket card at the entry terminal and exit terminal to enter and exit the car park. 

If the full allocation of active season tickets have already been used the card will still allow access but the parking period will be charged to your account at the standard tariff rates. The overrun charge is invoiced on a monthly basis.



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We accept BACS, payment over the phone and now by Direct Debit. You can set up payments by Direct Debit to save you time and manage costs. If required please complete the Direct Debit Mandate and return by email to


Click here for Season Ticket Terms and Conditions

*subject to individual car park opening times and terms and conditions

*Pool accounts only available for accounts with at least 10 Season Tickets

*Only available for Unlimited or Weekday Season Tickets

*The number of season tickets held on the account are the maximum number of card holders allowed to park each day. Any over this would need to pay for parking at the standard tariff.

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