Q-Park's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is closely linked to sustainable development; sustainable, social and environmental aspects that are relevant to everyone and to future generations. Contributing to sustainable development is therefore an overarching objective of Q-Park's CSR policy.

Q-Park has set five CSR objectives: 


To support sustainable mobility that meets society’s economic, social and environmental needs. 


To enable access to main functionalities in a context of sustainability concerns. 


To help improve customer and employee engagement, health and safety aspects. 


To support reducing the gap between societal parking costs and what is paid for by users.


To improve environmental performance of parking facilities, fleet, offices and value chain relations.


Click to read Q-Park CSR Report 2020

The issue of free or cheaper parking often finds its way into political manifestos. Q-Park has looked into why this is not possible. You can see the study here

Driving Instructor Association (DIA)
Q-Park has teamed up with the Driving Instructor Association (DIA) to offer members a special discount on its online pre-booking service.
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