Car Parking Convenient Facilities

Car Parking Convenient Facilities

Each of our Q-Park car parks is equipped with a unique set of convenient services so that our customers feel superbly looked after from arrival to departure and enjoy an exceptionally positive experience.




No-one likes to get wet – certainly    

not when it starts raining     unexpectedly. That’s why we are offering our customers the opportunity to borrow an umbrella from us during the rainy weather completely free of charge.


Heart Defibrillator

 What do you do if someone falls ill   in the car park? Q-Park can provide a heart defibrillator, with fully trained staff able to provide crucial emergency medical help whilst waiting for an ambulance or paramedic to arrive


Shoe Shine


 Polishing shoes is one of those   things that can be forgotten before leaving the house. At Q-Park, we offer our customers this luxury with a handy shoe cleaning machine. Simply smear on the shoe polish, brush it in, polish and you’re ready to go!


Jump Starter 


Leaving your lights on by accident and ending up with a dead battery – it can happen to anyone. That’s why we help our customers get back on their way quickly with a jump starter. All Q-Park employees are trained to use the equipment.



The trend towards smaller, nippier, economical cars means that parents occasionally forget to put the baby buggy in the boot or simply have no room for it. Customers can borrow one of Q-Parks bright, smart, highly manoeuvrable and comfortable buggies for as long as required and then return it before they leave the car park with no charge.


Information guide


Tourists in particular could use help in getting around an unfamiliar city, so we provide local city guides and maps to help our customers find their way around from the moment they arrive.


Alcohol Tester


For those rare occasions when the driver has had a small amount of alcohol, an alcohol tester can be purchased that will analyse their breath, put their mind at rest or alert them that they should leave their car in the safety of our car park and take a taxi home.



Tap and Go

Tap and Go can be used by tapping in at the entry and exit barrier with contactless payment with a maximum spend of £30. 


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