Operating within a University environment requires an understanding that parking requirements can vary greatly. Day to day management of dealing with deliveries and contractors to students and University employees, often within a diverse and spread out campus, requires a specific skillset.

It is further important to recognise that a University has a range of ad-hoc events such as open days and ceremonies to corporate conferences. An understanding of different requirements between term and non-term time periods is also an essential part of providing a tailored solution to each University.


Key Q-Park attributes:-


  • A partnership approach

  • Providing appropriate and deliverable solutions

  • Demonstrable value for money

  • Investment into repairs and maintenance

  • Safety and security at the heart of all operations and design solutions

  • Providing a clean and safe environment

  • Customer service initiatives

  • Staff permit administration with on-line facilities (where required)

  • Online pre-booking 

  • Efficient payment systems

  • Well trained employees

  • Robust performance measurement

  • Commitment to delivering long-term quality services