Local Authorities



Q-Park has a proven track record of growth through investment across the UK and working in partnership with local authorities. Q-Park’s mission is to provide a high quality, welcoming yet safe and secure environment for customers. We firmly believe that as car parks are often the first and last points of call at a destination, it constitutes as the “front door” to towns and cities, thereby creating the first and last impressions.


Q-Park’s partnership relationship does not end with the Council and their teams; a key attribute of Q-Park’s approach is to also engage with the local community and stakeholders. We truly believe that we bring in new ideas to the local area, not only in improvements to the physical look and feel of a car park but also operationally, in enhancing customer service and in expanding any marketing opportunities. We have solid experience in providing efficient operations within a city or town centre cluster, where teams work together in providing a quality service.


Key Q-Park attributes:-


  • A partnership approach
  • The strength and assurance of a Q-Park parent company covenant
  • Stable and secure income stream
  • Providing appropriate and deliverable solutions
  • Demonstrable value for money
  • Investment into repairs and maintenance
  • Commitment to the ensuring the long term success of any car park


Providing a positive parking experience is straightforward as Q-Park’s car parks are:-


  • Safe and secure
  • Bright and welcoming
  • Clean
  • Furnished with clear directional signage 
  • Equipped with efficient payment systems
  • Provided with customer focused services and initiatives
  • Well maintained and benefited by continuous investment  
  • Operated by well-trained employees
  • Recognised as value for money facilities