NHS Trusts and Hospital Environments


Healthcare parking has to meet significantly more customer needs than any other sector. Hospital patients and visitors may be worried or anxious and need to park as easily and conveniently as possible. There is further a huge demand for parking by Trust staff, which has to be provided at the substantial discount. We also have to accommodate concessionary prices for long-stay patients and frequent users such as renal and diabetic patients.

It takes experience, a distinct skill set and dedication to get the right mix to meet all of these needs, as well as addressing the emotive and political challenges that arise in this sector. Q-Park has a specialist healthcare division with many years’ experience in hospital parking.


Key Q-Park attributes:-


  • A partnership approach
  • Providing appropriate and deliverable solutions
  • Demonstrable value for money
  • Investment into repairs and maintenance
  • Safety and security at the heart of all operations and design solutions
  • Customer service initiatives
  • Staff permit administration with on-line facilities
  • A wide range of payment options
  • Well trained employees
  • A compassionate approach to day-to-day operation and management
  • A tailored clean and safe program
  • Robust performance measurement
  • Commitment to delivering long-term quality services in a healthcare environment   


As well as standard NHS management contracts, we have significant experience in PFI & PPP projects. We have added considerable operational and financial resource to a number of projects, including direct investment in improving services and developing multi-storey car parks.

Contact our healthcare specialists for a preliminary discussion on the solutions that are available.