Event Parking

Event Parking

Looking for event parking in the city? Why not organise the parking for your guests beforehand with Q-Park? If you are organising an event, conference or convention and want to have all your parking needs taken care of, then look no further than Q-Park. 

Weddings, corporate events, conferences, evening event parking the need for parking is endless. We can offer convenient parking facilities in the heart of the city. 

We can also offer your guests’ exclusive discounted parking for the event with our pre-booking service and most of all help navigate everyone to the right place to save time.   


Send us your information below and one of our Sales Team will get in touch to walk you through how our booking systems, discount structures and marketing contacts can ensure a smooth experience for all your attendees.

Wedding Parking

Planning a wedding is always exciting. If you are getting married this year or in the near future we might be able to help. Travelling abroad or having a city wedding can be costly especially with parking. Q-Park has airport and city location parking, so to avoid the stress Q-Park can offer discounted block bookings. 

  • Q-Park Pre-booking: We can organise a personalise promo-code which you can give your guest to pre-book their parking. Once a pre-booking has been made,  the Q-Park parking host will save your parking spot for when you arrive.  

  • Whats great is that it also navigates guests to the right place quickly so everything runs on time.

  • Get 15% off block bookings for weddings in 2018!