Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Employees are the greatest assets to any business and deserve a benefits package that reflects their commitment to the company.Studies prove that employees consistently cite benefits that meet their individual’s needs as a very important reason to stay or join a company. 

At Q-Park we work in partnership with Mazars to provide a total solution for Parking Salary Sacrifice. 


What is Salary Sacrifice?


Salary Sacrifice is where an employee gives up the right to part of their salary due under his or her contract of employment. A salary sacrifice is not a deduction from salary nor is it a charge on salary, it is where the employee agrees to accept a lower amount of salary in return for the employer's agreement to provide some form of non-cash benefit in return, such as a parking season ticket.


 Benefits to Employees:


  • Tax and National Insurance savings of up to 42%
  • Attractive non-taxable benefit that doesn’t affect P11D
  • Huge savings on parking costs of up to 50% from daily tariffs
  • No need to find the upfront funds for a season ticket
  • Enjoy Q-Park Season Ticket benefits
  • Guaranteed parking space at Q-Park close to work


Benefits to Employers:


  • Employers will get the full cost of the season tickets back via salary sacrifice 
  • Help to save 13.8% on their employers NIC’s
  • Enables employers to offer a non-taxable benefit to staff
  • Mazars provide employers with all administration documents
  • Provides a company's staff with affordable parking close to work


For more information about Salary Sacrifice, please complete the season ticket enquiry form and we shall be in touch! 


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