Disabled Parking with Q-Park

Disabled Parking with Q-Park

At Q-Park we work hard to ensure that our parking facilities are made easily accessible to all visitors. In the majority of our parking facilities you can expect to find:



Each car park page on our website will highlight if that parking facility has a lift available. This is identified with the adjacent icon. 

If the parking facility does not have a lift, you can give us prior notice of your visit, or ask a Q-Park Host at the car park for assistance. Our Q-Park hosts will ensure that you can enter and exit the car park safely.


Disabled Bays


We have a number of disabled parking bays in the majority of our car parks, which are placed in the very best locations for easy access to the pedestrian entrance and exit.  


The car park pages on our website will highlight the number of disabled bays at each facility.


Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are fitted in the majority of our parking facilities, allowing easy access into and out of the car park.


Pedestrian Ramps

Pedestrian ramps in lieu of steps are put into our car parks where possible. Q-Park also use different floor colours to distinguish varying surface levels so that our customers are fully aware of all ramps and steps throughout each building.


Disabled Motoring UK


As a result of the measures taken by Q-Park to meet our customer’s needs, Q-Park is an official partner of Disabled Motoring UK (DMUK).  We work with DMUK to continuously try and improve our facilities across the country. 


DMUK Members receive a discount off online pre-booking for participating car parks. Disabled Motoring UK is the campaigning charity for Blue Badge holders, disabled motorists, wheelchair and scooter users.