Business Travel Card

The Q-Park Business Travel Card offers incredible flexibility and value for companies with a transient work force. Using them couldn’t be easier, simply scan in and out of almost any Q-Park and the total cost of your stay will be added to an invoice and sent to you at the end of the month.

Save time, admin, and money

Is the Business Travel Card for you?

If you or your employees travel between cities for work, parking at various locations for varying amounts of time, this is the ideal product. 


  • No Receipts: save time on admin with one monthly invoice direct to your finance department
  • Only pay for the parking you need
  • No requirement to visit the pay station, simply scan in and out of the parking facility
  • Save on parking costs in UK City Centre locations


What next?

If you want to know more about the Business Travel Card simply click 'Enquire Now' below and one of our Sales Managers will be in touch to quickly get your team issued with their cards.


At present you can use the Business Travel Card in over 50 Q-Park City Centre locations, bar those listed below. Sites will be updated as the range of the product increases:

Q-Park Barbican
Q-Park Brindleyplace
Q-Park Cardiff Bay
Q-Park Chatham Place
Q-Park Covent Garden
Q-Park Eden Walk
Q-Park King William House
Q-Park Knowsley Place
Q-Park Quartermile
Q-Park Trinity Centre
Q-Park Waterside
Q-Park Wellington Street