EV Charging at Q-Park

EV Charging at Q-Park

Electric vehicle (EV) ownership is continuing to grow at a rapid rate with car manufacturers such as Tesla Motors and BMW producing revolutionary, eco-friendly vehicles. 

Q-Park UK continuously aims to promote and provide electric car charging points. We have a national network of charging points including Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield and York.

EV Season Tickets

Electric Vehicle Season Tickets are available at a number of Q-Park car parks. Save money with discounted season tickets for long term car parking. 

You can see full details of our EV providers and available locations below. 

Contact us online by requesting a quote or email directly to sales@q-park.co.uk. Alternatively, you can call our Season Ticket Team on 0113 238 4263. 

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EV Partners

Q-Park has a number of EV charging Partners including Tesla Motors, Franklin Energy, and Polar Network. 

You can park and charge your vehicle at the following Q-Park facilities with: 

 1. Polar Network operated by Chargemaster 

To access the Q-Park charging points, motorists need to sign up for a monthly subscription with POLAR. Membership enables motorists to gain access to all 5,000 charging points across the UK.

  • Burlington
  • Brindleyplace
  • Chinatown
  • Harley Street
  • Knightsbridge
  • Leicester Square
  • Marble Arch
  • Oxford Street

  • Park Lane

  • Pimlico

  • Queensway

  • Trafalgar Square

  • Soho

  • Westminster


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2. Tesla Motors 

Q-Park is a Tesla Charging Partner. Tesla Wall Connectors allow Tesla car owners to charge their Tesla Model S. 

  • Harley Street
  • Tower Bridge

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3. Franklin Energy 

22KW AC charging points are available at the following locations. This is a pay as you use service. To use these charging points, you can register with Franklin Energy

  • Liverpool ONE, Liverpool
  • Dale Street, Liverpool
  • First Street, Manchester
  • Albion Street, Leeds
  • Deansgate North, Manchester
  • Castlegate, Sheffield
  • Rockingham, Sheffield
  • Shambles, York
  • Talbot Street, Nottingham

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Click here to register with Franklin Energy

EV Terms and Conditions

  • Q-Park EV Season Ticket holders may use any one of the designated charging points to recharge their vehicle for up to 4 hours in any 24 hour period. It is the car owner’s responsibility to move the vehicle to a normal parking bay after this period.

  • Q-Park UK offers no guarantee as to the availability of the charging points or the power supplied from them. We reserve the right to remove the charging points without prior notice.

  • It is strictly prohibited to charge your vehicle using unauthorised equipment or power points.

  • Electric vehicle season ticket holders found doing so, or misusing their season ticket, will be permanently barred from the scheme.